Mark Haastrup would have taken advantage of the new “3 wins” rule, had they been implied in 2016, where he was a multiple winner on the Nordic Golf League.

From 2017 multiple winners on Nordic Golf League will get immediate access to Challenge Tour. It takes 3 wins.

Dear players. Please read the following to understand the new rules for multiple winners on any Satellite Tour.

Info from Alain de Soultrait, European Challenge Tour

At the last CSTC meeting, during the session dedicated to the Satellite Tours there was a question regarding the possibility for the Multiple Winners receiving special access to the European Challenge Tour.

Following the meeting the matter was closely assessed using the results that were provided by each Satellite Tours. These results indicated that over the last 5 years on average there were 3 players between all tours who had won 3 times or more.

Taking in consideration the existing regulations between the European Tour and the Challenge Tour as well as the results of each Satellite Tours, we are now pleased to confirm that a player winning three times or more during one official season on the same Satellite Tour, will earn category 13 for the remainder of the season in which the wins take place, and for one Official Season the year after.

He will be ranked at the bottom of Category 13 for the remainder of the Official Season and at the top of Category 13 for the next Official Season.

Please note that the total number of Satellite Tour’s players to qualify for the Challenge Tour at the end of the season will remain 5 for each Satellite Tour, and potential multiple winners will be included in these 5.

We appreciate some of the Satellite Tours have started their season but we felt this regulation could still be put in place as the Challenge Tour Official Season has not yet started.

We believe this decision is strengthening the links between the Satellite Tours and the Challenge Tour.

by Alain de Soultrait, European Challenge Tour