Registration is open for ECCO Tour and NGL Q-School in Skjoldenæsholm, Denmark.
Registration is open for ECCO Tour and NGL Q-School in Skjoldenæsholm, Denmark.

Please be aware that it is time to secure your spot on the Nordic Golf League for 2016. Nordic Golf League Qualifying School Stage 1 is played at various venues. The Final Stage is played at Skjoldenæsholm Golf Center, which is also used for the NGL Qualifying School Stage 1 in Denmark.

Play Q-School at Skjoldenæsholm
Registration is open for the NGL Qualifying School Stage 1 – Denmark, from where a total of 21 players will qualify for the Final Stage two days later on the same course at Skjoldenæsholm Golf Center. The Stage 1 in Denmark is not only for Danish players. Players from other countries are very welcome.

Sign up for NFL Q-School Stage 1 Danmark at Skjoldenæsholm here.

NGL Qualifying School – Denmark

  • 5 – 6 October at Skjoldenæsholm Golf Center, Trent Jones Jr. Course
  • Same course is being used for Final Stage from 8 – 10 October
  • 21 players will advance to the Final Stage
  • All players at 1st stage will have a Category 14 on the ECCO Tour for 2016

You find all relevant info on the NGL Q-School Stage 1 here.


Final Stage

Field size:
The following players are allowed to participate in the final stage:

  • Players that are top-108 on Nordic Golf League Ranking as of 20nd September and have participated in a minimum of seven (7) Nordic Golf League tournaments in at least three (3) Nordic countries.
  • A maximum of 78 players qualified from a first stage venue.A maximum total of 78 players will qualify to the Final Stage, distributed as follows.
    • Denmark: 22 players
    • Finland: 8 players
    • Norway: 6 players
    • Sweden: 42 players (4 venues)

NB! Please note that a player is only allowed to participate at one (1) 1st stage venue.

If a player who is qualified for the final stage chooses not to play, that spot is not available for any player outside those who are qualified.

Who should play Final Stage?

  • Everyone who qualify from any of the 1st stage Q-Schools.

From the Current 2015 NGL ranking the rule of thumb should be:

Pls. be aware that the ranking will be “cleaned” on September 20th according to the 7/3 rule.

  • 1-50: Don’t play
  • 51 – 70: Can play to improve category
  • 71 – 108 Must play to secure a category. If the do not play they do not have a category.
  • 109+: Must play 1st stage and Final Stage if they qualify through 1st stage.

You find all relevant info on the NGL Q-School Stage 1 here.

The following categories is at stake:

NGL 1st stage:

  • Category 14 on the ECCO Tour

NGL Final Stage:

  • Category 6 (Top 25 at Final Stage)
  • Category 9, (26 – made the cut at Final Stage)
  • Category 12 (Players missing the cut at Final Stage)

Please note that you can only get a category at the Final Stage.

You can see Nordic Golf League Exempt Category system here (they are identical for 2015 and 2016)

If you have any questions, please contact:

  • Malene Rossen
  • Mail:
  • Phone: +45 2536 2123