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NorthSide Charity Challenge has a prize fund of 512.000 kroner in 2015. With your help, we can increase that number in 2016. Please contact us and make your donation as soon as possible.

Dear players,

NorthSide Charity Challenge is played from 16 – 18 June at Lyngbygaard Golf. The prize fund will again in 2016 increase according to an auction. Therefore we need you to read the following carefully, so you understand the importance of your donation to the auction.

All money raised at the auction will be shared between the homeless people of Aarhus and the prize fund in the tournament. The prize fund at the event will begin at 40.000 euro.

The auction has already started and is running here.

Help us increase the prize fund
We are working very hard trying to get sponsors etc. to donate products for the auction, but in order to create a large prize fund you have to help us by donating products. 

We do not expect you to donate things that will cost you money. After all, the purpose is to make sure that you guys have more money and not less money!

What can you donate?
However, there are a list of products and ways that you can help. It can be:

  • A stack of greenfee tickets to your home club
  • Equipment (driver, clubs, putter etc both used and/or new)
  • Golf bags
  • A company day with golf, practice ect. with you as a host.
  • A stay at a golf resort somewhere, where you happen to know the owner.
  • *Talk to a company or person in your network and have that company donate for you

Use you network
*Very importantly it does NOT have to be golf products. In your network or sponsor group, there are a long range of companies, who you might be able to convince to donate. It can be:

  • Furniture
  • Travel companies
  • Car companies
  • Electronics
  • Clothing
  • A golf or holiday resort somewhere

*A company in your network may very well want to help you out by providing YOUR donation for the auction.

Danish players can find a list of good ideas here.

Non-Danish players are also expected to donate. Please think very carefully about how you can help increase the prize fund. If you have any questions, please contact Brian Vester at

You can find a list of players who donated in 2015 here, and also see how much money the donation brought in. The Prize fund in 2015 was 512.000 kroner or 68.000 euro. We hope that your involvement will increase that number in 2016.

Donate your product today
As the auction is already running, we hope that you will contact us immediately with your donation. December is a very popular month on the auction, and therefore your product will get great attention and the price it deserves.

We expect that you get involved
It is expected that any player participating at NorthSide Charity Challenge will have contributed to increasing the prize fund. This goes for both Danish and International players.

A step towards bigger prize funds in general
Creating the biggest prize fund on the Nordic Golf League will be a step in the right direction. You guys have a chance to help taking the Nordic Golf Legaue to the next level. All tournament and title sponsors are interested in having an attractive event, and if NorthSide Charity Challenge suddenly holds a purse of 70.000 or 80.000 euro, we believe that other events will ”get on the train”, find some extra money, and increase the prize fund too. 

For donations please contact:

  • Brian Vester
  • phone: +45 3029 8433

And as the auction is already running, please contact us with your donation as soon as possible.