Jacob Glennemo løb med sejren i FREJA Final 4Four 2014. Finaleformatet fortsætter i 2015.
Jacob Glennemo won the FREJA Final 4Four in 2014. The Final Series concept continues in 2015.

We have been asked to clarify the eligibily and entries process for the Freja Final 4 Four events.

How are players picked?:

  1. Players are picked in Golfbox Nordic League Ranking order (NOT according to categories)
  2. Players who haven´t, or who will not be able to fulfill the 7/3 rule* after the conclusion of Kristianstad Åhus Open, will be removed and a “cleaned” list will decide the ranking order. (*Played 7 events in 3 countries)
  3. If the field is not full, players not fulfilling the above, will be pick in the original ranking order to fill the field

Close of entries

  • Danæg PGA Championship (144 players) – Sunday 13th September  – 18:00
  • GolfUppsala Open (108 players) – Saturday 19th September  – 18:00
  • Race to Himmerland (72 players) – Sunday 27th September – 18:00
  • Tourfinal Vellinge Open hosted by Ljunghusen (36 players) – Saturday 3rd October – 18:00

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