Only the Top-100 players on the Nordic Golf League Ranking on 18 September are eligible to participate at FREJA Final 4Four 2016

The ECCO Tour and Nordic Golf League Final Series, FREJA Final 4Four will begin on Wednesday 21 September, and here is all you need to know about the final series.

Who is eligible to play?
Only players within top 100 on 18 September – after Star for Life Challenge – will be eligible to play the Freja Final 4Four tournaments. Players outside top 100 on 18 September MUST play the 2017 First Stage Qualification.

Furthermore, the GolfBox Nordic Golf League Ranking has been cleaned and removed of players who did not fulfill the *7/3 rule.

* 7/3 Rule: To be included in the final Nordic Golf League Ranking and to be eligible to enter the FREJA Final 4Four tournaments, a player must participate in a minimum of seven (7) Nordic Golf League tournaments in at least three (3) of the Nordic countries. Winter Series events counts as an event played in the hosting tours country, i.e. Nordea Tour Winter Series is Sweden, ECCO Tour Winter Series is Denmark etc. Players who have not fulfilled this rule have be removed from the ranking

4 Tournaments – One winner! FREJA Final 4Four begins on 21 September at Storådalens Golfklub

The FRJA Final 4Four events

  • 21 – 23 september: Thisted Forsikring Championship at Storådalens Golfklub
  • 29 september – 1 October: GolfUppsala Open at Söderby Golf
  • 6 – 8 October: Race to Himmerland at Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort
  • 13 – 15 October: TourFinal Vellinge Open at Ljunghusens Golfklubb

Field size
In the first three events of the Freja Final 4Four the fields size is 78 players with 30 players making the cut. In the Tour Final the field size is *45 players.

*Please note that only players from the top-70 on the rankings are eligible to play the Tour Final (from 71st – 100th are exempt for Final Stage Q-School at Skjoldenæsholm Golf on the same dates)

The concept of FREJA Final 4Four
The FREJA Final 4Four offers a chance for all players to get something extra out of the season. While players in the top of the rankings has the 5 Challenge Tour spots to fight for, the FREJA Final 4Four offers an extra chance and incentive for all players in the final series. And we are very happy to say that FREJA Transport and Logistics are once again supporting this initiative.

The FREJA Final 4Four Ranking only counts points earned in the last four events. 

Who wins this year's Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece?
Who wins this year’s Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece?

The prize – winner takes all
The winner of FREJA Final 4Four 2016 wins a Masterpiece Le Chronographe from Maurice Lacroix. The exclusive watch holds a value of 80.000 kroner or 10.700 Euro.

History of FREJA Final 4Four
In 2014 the winner of FREJA Final 4Four was Jacob Glennemo and in 2015 Christofer Blomstrand came from behind to snatch the FREJA Final 4Four title. Both players won exclusive Masterpiece watches from Maurice Lacroix. Who will be this year’s “lucky” winner.?

Not eligible for FREJA Final 4Four?
If you are not in the Top-100 or maybe not even on the Cleaned Ranking at all, please make sure that you sign up for 1st Stage Q-School as soon as possible to secure you category for next season. While the ECCO Tour in 2016 reduced field size to 120 players, the Nordea Tour will reduce from 156 to 144 players in 2017 making even more important to secure a category through Q-School.

You can read about Q-School here.